Smokeshow Pilot Is Taking The Helicopter World By Storm

Not a lot of people in the world have a better view from their workplace than Luana Torres.

I mean take a look at that. Absolutely beautiful.

I’m not a big helicopter guy. I don’t feel safe in them. However, if I was to hit the air in a “copter” (is that the cool way to say it?), it would be with Luana Torres.

Since she was a kid, she dreamed of flying helicopters.

SOURCE-Luana Torres, 29, has told how she went about pursuing her dream of becoming a helicopter pilot and now flies choppers around some of the world’s most breathtaking areas.

That’s who I want flying my helicopter. Somebody who dreamed of it since they were a little kid. She also comes from a family of helicopter pilots:

She explained: ‘I always thought my brother was the coolest person on Earth because he worked as a helicopter pilot. That was until my sister-in-law came to our lives.

‘She is also a helicopter pilot and at that time I thought it was amazing that she did that. It was pretty uncommon as most girls flew airplanes instead.’

Follow your dreams kids. Maybe one day you’ll end up like Luana.

But don’t forget to find some time for your hobbies! Like playing Tennis!

Or hitting the lake!

Or cheering on your favorite soccer team!

Those are all very important.