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"Carlos Danger" Is The Number 1 Fantasy Football Name This Season

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CBS Sports – Poll numbers may be dropping for Anthony Weiner, but Carlos Danger is steadily climbing the charts… for the top new Fantasy Football team name on Carlos Danger is the most-chosen new team name out of the thousands of names picked on the site during the last two weeks of July and the first 5 days of August. Among new names chosen by at least 5 teams during the time period, Carlos Danger was picked by 15% of teams.

My man Beardo summed it up perfectly in 140 characters yesterday. If your Fantasy Football team name is Carlos Danger, you should just go ahead and kill yourself. I feel like in general if you’re the dude who tries to name your fantasy team something snarky and clever based on pop culture then you’re a big time loser. They’re the guys with Jerry Sandusky team names from last year. They’re the guys who took pictures with invisible girlfriends and posted it on social media with the caption “Teo’ing.” All these things are like one-half step below Rick Reilly jokes. Its like the R-Rated version of Reilly, still just as lame.

Personally I don’t even get what that even means. Does this mean “Carlos Danger” is like the most used name coming up with a clever application to football? Or people are just flat out naming their team “Carlos Danger?” That’s not even clever. Its clever if you came up with that name as your sexting alter ego – if you just use it as a football team name, not so much.

And for those of you curious, my fantasy football team would be “Feitelberg’s Tits.”