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Trenton Diner Brawl!

TSGA New Jersey man who clobbered a female patron with a large table during a recent diner brawl caught on tape is facing an assault charge, according to police. The weekend melee at the Two Peters Diner in Ewing, a township outside Trenton, was filmed by a patron who provides intermittent comment during the 3:19 clip (which includes profanity and heaping helpings of combatant skin). The most devastating blow during the fight was delivered by Amon Baldwin, a 32-year-old Ewing resident. Baldwin, wearing denim shorts and a black and white shirt, can be seen lifting a table and dropping it on a woman at around the 1:13 mark. Baldwin was arrested for simple assault, according to Lieutenant Rocco Maruca, spokesperson for the Ewing Township Police Department. When cops arrived at the diner in response to a 911 call, an officer saw the 6’ 1” Baldwin punch a female victim, said Maruca. Now that video of the fight has surfaced, other victims can seek to sign complaints at the local municipal courthouse, said Maruca, who added that he had heard two such complaints may be filed shortly. Baldwin is a recent graduate of the Empire Beauty School at Bordentown, where he studied cosmetology and hairstyling.

How about Jadaveon Clowney just dropping tables on hoodrats like it was an ECW match? Just as hardcore as it gets right there. Just knocking bitches out crushing them with furniture with reckless abandon.

I guess my question is, if you’re the owner of a diner in Trenton, New Jersey or a Waffle House anywhere in America, do you just factor in that one day there will be an apocalyptic brawl in your establishment? Like can you take out an insurance policy against the inevitable hoodrat destruction? Do you start a little Diner Fund where you put away money every paycheck so that when your place is decimated in violent destruction you can renovate? Because there is no more surefire guarantee than a 10 person brawl eventually whipping through your place like a goddam tornado when you’re a diner/waffle house owner.

And not that I’m a big proponent of racial profiling (yes I am) but when those 10 strippers in weaves and fake nails walk in with Jadeveon you probably can pinpoint the exact moment its about to happen. He probably had the police and his All State agent on the phone as soon as they sat down.