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Bloodhound Gang In Hot Water With Putin For Shoving Russian Flag Down Their Pants

(NEWSER) –  Edward Snowden hasn’t done great things for US-Russia relations. Now meet the Bloodhound Gang. The American rock band was performing in Ukraine last week when bassist Jared Hasselhoff grabbed a Russian flag thrown from the audience, shoved it down the front of his pants, and pulled it out again from the rear. “Don’t tell Putin,” he joked before the stunt. Result: The video blew up in Russia, and the government has launched a criminal investigation into desecrating the flag, reports Ria Novosti. The band cut short its tour and returned to the US over the weekend, with conflicting reports on whether it was deported or left voluntarily, reports CNN. Their van got pelted with eggs on the way to airport, and once inside, Russian nationalists roughed up band members and stomped on a US flag. (That video also is making the rounds.) Hasselhoff later apologized and said he wasn’t making a serious political statement, reports theChristian Science Monitor. The band might not get a ton of sympathy from Americans, given band leader Jimmy Pop’s statement on stage after the flag gag. “Russia is better than America, so I disapproved of that,” he said

Hey remember these guys? The Bloodhound Gang? They sung that song “You and me baby ain’t nothin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel?” Well I hope you didn’t like them, because in all likelihood they’re fucking dead. You rub the Russian flag all over your taint and asshole and you better believe there’s gonna be repercussions. Putin is gonna sick his KGB thugs on you, deport you from Russia, and you may or may not end up at the bottom of a river somewhere. I mean fuck these Ruskie dickheads stomping all over our Stars and Stripes but when the assholes from the goddam Bloodhound Gang are in Eastern Europe spitting right in Putin’s face you can’t expect Russia to just laugh it off.

Maybe we look back on this as the shot heard round the world that sparked World War III. Jared Hasselhof of the Bloodhound Gang responsible for the nuclear apocalypse of the planet earth because he wiped his ass with the Russian flag.