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A Reporter Asked Baker Mayfield If He's Appearing In Any "Films" With His New Mustache.....Baker: "You'd Like That Wouldn't You?"

First of all, is there anything going on in any NFL camp right now that’s better than Baker Mayfield’s mustache?

He knows how to move the needle, no doubt. Yesterday, when reporters asked what his mustache was all about, he replied “Maybe you’ll find out, maybe you won’t. That’s the elegance of having a mustache, you never know what’s going to happen.”

Alright, I’ll admit that I could see how fans from Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, or New England (the teams that the Browns are the biggest threats to) may be getting worn out from Baker. He’s umm…confident in his abilities. That’s how I’ll phrase it, even though the haters will call him cocky. Regardless, we knew that when he was grabbing his dick on the sidelines in college against Kansas.

But here’s the thing: they beat Ohio State in Columbus, won the Big 12 Championship, made it to the College Football Playoff, and he won the Heisman. He certainly talked the talk, but he also walked the walk. The haters are saying that him leading the Browns to a 7-8-1 record last year doesn’t give him the right to talk yet…….yet.

Anyways, so yesterday the Browns reporter for ESPN Cleveland and notorious loser, Tony Grossi, tried to be the funny guy in the room and ask Baker if he was appearing in any films coming up with his new mustache. A clear reference to porn, for those of you that didn’t catch the hint. Well Baker has put Tony in a body bag many times before, and yesterday was no different. Baker’s response was PERFECT.

MY QUARTERBACK.If you hate on this you’re just looking for a reason to put down the Browns. Because that is funny.

**If you think he’s overconfident is his media availability now, wait until we’re sitting at 6-0 and New England is coming to OUR PLACE. This year is going to be a circus.