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Meek Mill Is A Certified Bucket Getter, And That's A Fact

Does it always look pretty? Of course not. Does it look like some of these guys are playing defense on Meek the same way that Russians play defense against Vladimir Putin when he’s playing in charity hockey games? It bears a striking resemblance. But the fact of the matter here is regardless of which way you look at it, Meek is still out here getting buckets and he’s getting them on the regular. They don’t ask how; they ask how many.

Meek Mill is out here dropping some casual triple-doubles in the middle of the summer. I’m sure if they played back the full footage from the game, he would have had at least 15 or 16 boards. And he may have just barely hit 10 assists but that’s only because his teammates are so trash. If he had other ballers on his squad he could have easily had 15 assists as well. But at the end of the day, Meek is a bucket getter. What it do, baby? That right there is exactly what it do. Maybe Ben could learn a thing or two from Meek before the season starts up.

All I’m saying is find me another rapper who goes harder in the paint than Meek does. Find me one other rapper who can stop this man when he makes up his mind and decides to drive down the lane. His post game is there. He’s constantly working off-ball. The man is just a force. And again, you can knock on his form all you want but the numbers speak for themselves. Pay. That. Man.