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Wake Up With Carlos Quentin Breaking Zack Greinke's Collarbone After Charging The Mound

Big news out of the trade deadline yesterday was Zack Greinke going from the Diamondbacks to the Astros. Huge move for Houston who makes their very good rotation even better. I mean Greinke is going to be their 3. LOL. Laugh out loud funny. Anyways, I forgot that Greinke was ever on the Dodgers, but apparently he did not like or agree with Carlos Quentin. (Hard Hittin Carlos Quentin was a great nickname) Greinke hits CQ right on the arm and Quentin knows exactly what he wants to do. He's a big guy too, not the guy that I would want to mess with. Greinke welcomes Carlos to the mound but just hits him with his shoulder, breaking his collarbone. Greinke was going into him like he was dodging a wave in the ocean, no clue what he was thinking there. From there it was a typical baseball fight, some punches, headlocks, guys on the ground, but mostly just some pushing and shoving. Regardless, the few seconds they were scrapping were good, I just don't understand what he was doing leading with his shoulder. He won't have to worry about Quentin while he's on the bump for the Astros though.