Wait, The Movie Anthony Davis Wouldn't Pause To Find Out He Was Traded Was 'Downsizing' - The Same Movie Hubbs Called The Worst Movie Ever

I blogged this a couple weeks ago but we didn’t have all the details. You might remember the story that Anthony Davis said he was sitting in his hotel room watching a movie. Because of that he wouldn’t stop the movie and pick up the phone with his agent calling. Why was his agent calling? Well, to tell him he was traded to the Lakers. Seems pretty important!

Now last night Davis was on Jimmy Kimmel and pretty much repeated the same stories since he’s been traded. However, he added this fact. The movie he was watching was Downsizing. Downsizing! A quick look in our search functions brings this up

That’s crazy. Who gets that caught up in the movie Downsizing? There might be like 2-3 movies that you should refuse to pause in order to pick up an important call. I might be saying too many even at this point. But, the fact it was Downsizing makes a little more sense since Anthony Davis says he sleeps with a nightlight on because he watched too many scary movies as a kid. Note, I don’t hate that move. I can’t sleep in darkness and silence – give me the TV on with a 2 hour sleep timer no matter what time I go to bed.

I said this in the original blog and I need to say it again: Anthony Davis uses Instagram for news? That’s what I’m taking away here. I mean, sure, I get not wanting to pick up the phone from your agent. You’re in the middle of a movie, you don’t feel like talking. Maybe get a text, sure. But, when he goes to find out news … he doesn’t hop on Twitter? That’s a bizarre move. I never think to go to Instagram to find out of the latest NBA trades. Woj ain’t posting on Instagram. Woj bombs are on Twitter.

I love Kentucky Anthony Daivs – one of my favorite players ever. I don’t care for Lakers Anthony Davis.