Now Batting For The New York Yankees Number #13 Alex Rodriguez

New YorkAlex Rodriguez took the money, took the banned drugs, and on Monday he took his place in baseball history when Major League Baseball suspended the steroid-stained slugger for 211 games for multiple violations of sport’s drug policy.

Rodriguez is going to fight the unprecedented 211-game drug suspension Major League Baseball handed him Monday for his role in the Biogenesis doping scandal, casting disgrace upon the once-celebrated player who, unless he prevails in his appeal to an arbitrator, is likely at the end of his operatic nine-year stint with the Yankees.

The ban goes into effect on Thursday, and will be stayed until the completion of his appeal if Rodriguez files a grievance.

Did you read that last sentence? It means the ARod is playing tonight and that is all that matters to me. Some people want him out of the game for life, but as a Yankee fan I want him in the lineup tonight because thats what matters – tonight’s game. If I had kids that looked up to him would I feel different? Maybe, but I don’t have kids, hell I haven’t been near a child in months so all I care about is wins and losses. Tonight we have a better shot to win with ARod in the lineup than we do with David Adams.

Not every Yankee fans feels this way and I get that. The reason you feel that way is because his stat line reads Avg: .000 HR: 0 RBI: 0 but if tomorrow that says .500/1/2 most of you would kidnap Selig’s grandchildren after school. That’s the beauty of New York, win and we do not give a fuck what you do off the field.

Other Yankee News

  • Jeter is hurt: This fucking blows because you know he is working hard to get back and you have to start to wonder at what point is he useless for the year? We can’t have him in and out every 15 days, it wont work in October.
  • CC blows: The velocity is there but he is getting knocked around like an aspiring actress on a casting couch. Some people are saying he isn’t playing well cause he lost weight. If that is the problem we can Kickstarter a Captain Crunch fund because I don’t care if he dies from diabetes in 5 years as long as we win now and his contract is over then.
  • Francisco Cervelli suspended: Gotta go with Cutler on this one, DOOOOOOOOONNNNNTTTT CAAAAAARRRRRREEEE.

PS: If ARod goes 0-4 he will get murdered.

Lets Tweet tonight for the game: @BarstoolJJ