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Here's A Video Of A Snake Farting Like A Human And We Can All Feel Collective Shame For Needing To See It

It’s a Tuesday late in July. There are NFL training camps and everything but realistically, there’s not shit going on today. Chances are you’re bored out of your mind just waiting for the clock to hit 5 so you can leave work, go home, eat some dinner, maybe grab a beer or two, crank one out, go to sleep, wake up and just do it all over again tomorrow.

So don’t lie to yourself. You saw the headline “snake farts like human” and even though you didn’t want to believe you actually wanted to watch it, you wanted to see what a snake fart looks like. Don’t worry. Because we all had the exact same reaction. You’re not weird for a snake fart grabbing your attention. And if you are, well then we all are as well. So let’s just move on in our collective shame and appreciate the fact that we all know that snakes fart now. You probably didn’t know that when you woke up today but now you do.

Sidenote #1 – Oddly enough, snakes don’t seem as scary to me anymore now that I know that they fart just like we do. Kind of makes them relatable to a degree.

Sidenote #2 – Good news for YP now when he does his Barstool Outdoors videos. He can crop dust everyone and just blame it on the snakes.