Pray For The NBA Because The Hawks Are Preparing For The Season By Playing Tag

Last season the Atlanta Hawks weren’t your normal 29 win team. Usually when a team wins under 30 games they are virtually unwatchable, but that could not have been further from the truth when it came to the Hawks. They were one of the few tanking teams that you always had to keep an eye on while watching League Pass and that’s because when their three franchise corner stone players are doing stuff like this

it was usually worth your time even if they rarely won. Well now after having what many people are calling a very solid draft after adding De’Andre Hunter, Cam Reddish, and Marcos Louzada Silva that’s even more true. The young talent on this team is intriguing as hell and Vegas has them at 36 wins which felt right, but that was before I saw this video. I hope you can get your bet in on that number now, because once Vegas sees that the Hawks are getting ready for this wide open season by playing tag, that wins total is going to skyrocket. Nowadays everyone is looking for an edge, something new to give themselves a leg up over the competition and I don’t see how you don’t watch Trae Young right there and think he isn’t about to break the hell out even more in his sophomore season. That is some elite level tag skill if you ask me. If I was a Hawks fan you could totally sell me on him leveraging that stop/go/hesitation movement on the basketball court. And hey, don’t sleep on DeAndre’ Bembry either, Trae is quick as hell and you could certainly do a lot worse in terms of your lateral quickness than what Bembry showed there.

To me this is just galaxy brain stuff. While other young cores may be doing actually basketball activities in order to improve in preparation for next season, the Hawks are thinking outside the box. Just wait until Trae Young has an awesome season and then you’re going to see other NBA teams start to utilize tag. Personally I love this trend because gym games will forever be the best part of being a kid. Tag, capture the flag, dodgeball, parachute game, they all were awesome growing up. Shoutout Mrs. Gerhardt for running the best gym class in the business.

Now that I think of it, maybe the way to save All Star Weekend would be to have NBA players participate in old gym class games. Watching a game of dodgeball or capture the flag would be way more entertaining than the skills challenge or something. So credit the Hawks, not only are they putting the rest of the NBA on notice, but they perhaps saved the All Star festivities as well. Do the right thing Adam Silver, let’s make this happen.


In reality that looked like a torn ACL waiting to happen so the Hawks need to shut this shit down immediately.