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Barstool New York Comments Of The Week, Presented By A Female Stoolie

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KFC Editor’s Note: Pretty hilarious that out of all the Stoolies that have done Comments of the Week, it was a girl who was short, sweet, and to the point. No life story. No pathetic attempts to make jokes about the jokes. Just listed the blogs and the best comments. You dramaqueens blabbing on and on like its your diary and some chick comes in and does it in half the time. All that being said, this is going to be a bloodbath strictly because the person picking was a broad.  Animalman, you are up next week. 

Without further ado, the first ever female Stoolie COTW:

I asked to do Comments of the Week to spare you reading someone’s life story and unfunny remarks about other people’s comments. So here they are, in chronological order (@imtough, that means the order in which they were actually posted).

Rex Ryan Poses With Fan Wearing a “This Team Makes Me Drink” Jets Shirt
Nice try, that’s clearly Rex’s face photo shopped on Feit’s body. -sweetbutterylou

Anthony Weiner’s Sidepiece Could be the Ugliest Chick in the World

This is the type of chick that will gargle your balls first and ask questions later.- cantgetthestinkout

What is the guy taking the pictures saying to her? Or is he just holding up a chicken leg making her do tricks? -metaldude

Reader Email: I Need Your Help KFC ASAP

He must not want to butt-fuck her if he’s asking athletic advice from a guy who cant hit a whiffle ball -happy hustle

Post a pic. If you’re a 5 or above I’m available, no marathon training needed. Honestly I probably won’t even care if you put the oreos down to do it. -gaystoolie
10 Things Men Hate to Hear in Bed

they don’t talk when you duct tape their mouths… just an FYI… -imtough

so true. i hear “dont” and “stop” all the time -happy hustle

Minor League Baseball Team Hosting Anthony Weiner Hot Dog Night

Once sent a dick pic to my uncle by mistake. He sent me one back. Awkward. -newport

Mick the Dog Born With Swimmer Pup Syndrome Learns to Take His First Steps

As an Irishman I can tell you… it’s not hard to find a Mick splayed out unable to lift their head -something-in-my-front-pocket

Mick managed to swim. I want a follow up video of him reading or working to really show the blacks up. -on

Dude Tries to Trade Telescope on Craigslist for Sex

I hope to god this is a sting operation, because any woman that would trade sex for a telescope needs to be locked up.*
*in my basement -bropepitone

Redneck Couple Covers System of a Down

More like Syndrome of a Downs. -chestacopperpot

Sydney Leathers Tell All on Howard Stern Makes Me Want to Puke

last thing the world needs are more ugly girls with self confidence.-the-kurgan

KFC Radio Topic: Assemble Your BdayBoozeCrew

The celebrities who share my birthday basically sum up my life. They all fucking suck -marshallow

June 15th – North West. I’ll feed the one month yr old baby vodka from an eye dropper till dies from alcohol poisoning. Boom. National/global hero. -better0ffdrunk

Dude Has Rare Condition That Makes Him Orgasm Every Time He Hears the James Bond Theme

You have a condition that causes you to orgasm everytime a guy sticks a dick in your anus -thatjakegavin

This is How You Scientology

I want to show her where I come from. -natethegreat33

Guess That Ass – Thursday

I dont recognize any chicks by their faces.-theslayer

The Man With the 132 Pound Scrotum Gets His Own TV Show, Appropriately Named ‘The Man With the 132 Pound Scrotum’

I looked him in the eyes… Huge mistake. -hideki_arabu

Tara Reid Wanted Sharknado to Be Called “Dark Skies”

Feel like whenever anyone in Hollywood was cravin a butthole lickin, she was always (still might be) your girl.-bxbombsquad1

GTA Best of the Best Week 25

I would do things to Dylan’s ass that Satan would be ashamed of.-avalanche1201