Friday Afternoon #MailTime

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New show I’m trying to get off the ground and running for the Cubicle Monkeys. Mailtime. Kinda going back to the original KFC Radio episodes when they were just audio. Still a lot of logistics to work out. Don’t know how frequently I’m gonna record or how long they’re gonna be. Not even sure of the content because there will forever be a conflict between topics I should put on the blog and topics I should discuss on a show. But all I know is the only way I’ve ever had success with this whole blogging world is to just jump in a do shit, so I figured I’d get the ball rolling. This was recorded last Sunday, but I figured at 2:55 on Friday, the official Mailtime for the entire week, you Cube Monkeys could use something to get you through the last hours of life in you cage.

I’ll probably end up recording a few times a week – maybe 2 shorter Cubicle Chronicles during the day and then 1 longer show at night. Eventually wanna be able to take live calls, do some games and giveaways and shit. But its a lot to handle trying to keep up the blog, Bro Show, and KFC Radio, all while working solo from a desk in your apartment. So bear with me as I get it up and running. Once we find out groove though, Cube Life will never be the same. Its Mailtime – the Laziest Hour of Your Week