Marty Mush, Brandon Walker, His Dog, His Family, And His Suckbag Cat Named Fluffy Have Started Their Road Trip From Mississippi To New York

My god I hope they have a GoPro running at all times because this is too good to miss one second of. How do these two not have a reality show by now? Mush, Brandon, the dog, and the suckbag cat named Fluffy who isn’t even Fluffy. 18+ hours in the car together. Brandon not letting Mush eat. Pray for the world when Mush gets behind the wheel. Tweet notifications=ON. Good luck and god bless that car…they’re gonna need it.

PS: I’m not sure Mush has slept in a week. I know he went out Thursday night, Friday night, and Pup Punk was Saturday night…and then he flew down to Mississippi on Sunday. If Mush loses some baseball over/under while on the drive, this might be the last we ever see of Fluffy.