Midas Whale Showdown Of The Week! - Percy Harvin's "Half To" vs. Marcus Vick's "Peace Of Shit" vs. Desean Jackson's "Defense Of Coordinator"

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3 unbelievable Black Twitter mishaps the past couple weeks courtesy of Marcus Vick, Percy Harvin, and Desean Jackson. Percy Harvin started us off with “half to report” and I thought it was almost impossible to top that. But along comes Marcus Vick putting a bounty out on some guy’s head all while misusing the word “peace.” The irony is overwhelming. And for our main event we have Desean Jackson, a professional football player, who apparently thinks the term is Defense Of Coordinator, not Defensive Coordinator. Almost incomprehensible how someone who’s in the NFL could not know that term, but that’s D-Jacc for you! Black Twitter! The unintentional comedy never stops!

I believe this is where black folks would ordinarily say “SMH.”

Lets vote, MFK style. Just assume Marry = dumbest, Fuck = 2nd dumbest, Kill = least dumb

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