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Jeremy Lin Breaks Down Saying 'He's Hit Rock Bottom And The NBA Has Given Up On Him' Since He's Still A Free Agent

And in just a few sentences we have the end of Linsanity. I mean, there are two ways to look at this. One? It’s personal. It’s emotional. Sure, it’s nice to see pro athletes give real answers instead of canned bullshit. But, at the same time rock bottom for Lin is being an NBA champion, multimillionaire and a degree from Harvard? Sign me up for that rock bottom. I’ll take that rock bottom in a goddamn heartbeat.

Also if you ask me, rock bottom for Lin could be any of these choices

Sure, your NBA dream seems be dead. But, the dude is going to make millions more playing overseas. Hell he’s already been announced as the top target for CSKA Moscow to play in Euroleague. He’s 31. Careers typically end in your 30s. It’s been a hell of a run for Lin who came in undrafted, obviously Linsanity and then bounced around. But the dude can’t shoot and is not really a great defender. It is what it is.

Just an absolutely outrageous crying and breaking down moment for Lin. You’d think he was announcing some sort of terrible news. Nah bro, your NBA time is up. That’s it man. It literally happens to any person who plays basketball. You’re lucky enough to have millions upon millions of dollars. Quite an overreaction.

So, sure he can say it’s rock bottom. But, again, give me that rock bottom any day of the goddamn week. I’ll take Lin’s run. We’ll always have Linsanity in New York