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What Kind Of Punishment Would Stop These Kids From Spitting In Drinks And Putting Them Back On The Shelves?

Well, it happened again. Here's video that just came out of two teenagers spitting into sodas and putting them back onto the shelf:
I say life in prison. I came into this blog thinking I was going to say kill them both by way of a public firing squad, but I don't think I can write that because they're both minors. Just know I'm thinking it though.
Anyways, I think this is my first ever official call to action. No, I'm not going to go sit my fat ass in the middle of the street and protest ANYTHING on a hot July day, but I am going to sit my fat ass on my couch and plead to our fine government that we get creative with a punishment to deter these copycat criminals. This summer's fad of tampering with food and then putting it back on the shelf needs to be over immediately. And it's our soft ass judicial system that is allowing it to continuously take place by slapping these kids on the wrist!
And it's the god damn media's fault, too! Why are we reporting this? In my opinion, no media outlet should even be writing about this type of stuff. It just encourages more of these dumb ass kids to join in because they get to see their name up in the bright lights. But nope, no one sees that issue but me. And all of these stupid media companies are encouraging it to continue by posting these videos and pictures of the ice cream girl, the ice cream guy, and the sweet tea spitter.
Media: quit posting them and people will stop seeing them!!
Regardless, what do you guys think would work to stop this terrorism? I know the Terrorist Act of 2006 says that life imprisonment is a viable option, but I think we could get a little more creative with this one.