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Build Tyler Herro A Statue After Bashing Wisconsin - Saying Declaring For The Draft Was Harder Than Decommitting From Wisconsin to Join UK

[KSR] - When asked if it was a difficult decision to Lexington for the NBA Draft, Herro didn’t hesitate: It absolutely was. He also wasn’t afraid to throw a little shade at a certain, umm, other school.

“It was probably one of the hardest decisions [I’ve ever made],” Herro said. “It was definitely harder than decommitting from Wisconsin.”

There were very few things I’ve enjoyed more as a Kentucky fan than watching Tyler Herro. The dude is a motherfucker and lets every single person in the world know it. I mean look at some of his quotes throughout the year. Most notably him saying he’s a bucket at the free throw line:

And then it all culminated with this beautiful dagger three.

But now he’s throwing just one more dagger at Wisconsin. You know where he wouldn’t have that dagger three? You know where he wouldn’t be allowed to have fun and talk a bunch of shit like this? Wisconsin. We would have lost out on an all-time character this past season because Wisconsin would have made Herro run the stupid swing offense and been a spot up shooter while feeding Ethan Happ the ball 100 times a game.

Remember, this is a kid from Wisconsin and received threats from lunatics across the state during his senior year of high school. The best decision he made was leaving Wisconsin to go to Kentucky. He’s not in the NBA right now if he went to Wisconsin. He’s not a household name if he went to Wisconsin. He would have lost in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament if he went to Wisconsin.

So chalk up another win for Kentucky against Wisconsin.