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How Does One Steal Dentures And Then Show Up To A Meeting With Your Probation Officer Wearing Them?

[WLKY] – A Jennings County woman is facing charges after stealing someone’s dentures.

On Monday, officers say they took a report of stolen dentures from a woman in the Jennings County area. The woman said Joann Childers had stolen her teeth and had been wearing them.

Coincidentally, Deputy Thomas Mellencamp had spoken with a Jennings County probation officer that same morning that said Childers had worn teeth to her probation meeting that obviously didn’t belong to her.

On Wednesday, officers were able to catch up with Childers at her home, where they spoke with her about the incident. Officers saw the dentures in plain sight with the victim’s name written on them.

First things first. We’re all shocked this didn’t take place in Florida, right? This took place in Indiana, which isn’t saying much, but it’s not Florida. Florida was like -350 on the line here to be the state with stolen dentures.

I don’t know what to think of this move. Putting someone else’s dentures in your mouth is fucking disgusting. However, maybe she thought it made her look good? We’re all on the same page. We do shit to make us look better, whether it’s styling our hair, the extra spray of cologne, clothes, whatever. We don’t typically go dentures, but perhaps that’s what she was missing.

But how the hell do you think of wearing them to a meeting with your probation officer? You don’t think they’d recognize your fake teeth? You could have been living hot girl summer simply by leaving them at home. The only thing I can think of is she wanted to seduce her probation officer. She was working on hot girl summer for that reason, right?

I still can’t get the thought of putting someone else’s dentures in my mouth. That’s the grossest thing you can do.