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I'm Obsessed With The Stuffed Parrot Gio Urshela Bought Edwin Encarnacion For When He Blasts a Home Run

Last night Edwin Encarnacion, The Parrot Man, blasted this 30th homer of the season, giving him a league high 8 straight seasons with 30 bombs. Whenever Edwin goes lift off he trots around the bases with an imaginary parrot on his arm. The back story actually has nothing to do with a parrot. Jose Bautista told the story on Intentional Talk one day

“I think the way it got started was one day he hit a line drive, one of those ‘you don’t know if it’s going to go or not’ so he was chugging around first and almost fell down.

He was just kind of leaning and kind of just stayed that way, and everybody was like ‘that looked cool, you need to do that again’.”

Anyways, the parrot man is electric, and since coming over to the Evil Empire in 2019, the Yankees have loved every second of it. Gleyber Torres usually is on the top step of the dugout doing the parrot celly whenever Edwin connects on a blast. Last night, after his one legged homer, Gleyber grabbed a stuff parrot from the clubhouse and gave it to him as he reached the dugout. It was unreal. Meredith found out later that Gio Urshela (Short Porch alum) bought the parrot on Amazon and hid it in the dugout all game.

Edwin brought his new friend on the team plane to Boston.

Incredible. I need this in every Edwin celly for the rest of time. I love this team more and more each day. Let’s go bury Boston.