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Baseball Players Shaving In The Middle Of Games Is Now My Favorite Tradition In Sports

This right here is what sports are all about. When you actually take a step back and think about it, we’re all idiots for caring so much about sports. We all sit around watching a bunch of adult men playing a game for a team we cheer for most likely because that team plays in the same geographic area that you were born in. We’re all just a bunch of idiots who use idiot reasoning to try to explain random coincidences. Like when you’re watching the game from your living room and your favorite team has an absolute shit performance in the first half, so then you switch seats on the couch and they come out on fire in the 2nd half. You have no actual impact on the game and to think switching seats is the reason why the team turned it around would be beyond narcissistic and naive, yet we convince ourselves of it every damn Sunday. Moral of the story is that sports and sports fandom make absolutely no sense, while simultaneously making all the sense in the world.

Which is why baseball players shaving off their mustaches in the middle of a game is a perfect example of why sports are so great. Yesterday it was Yasiel Puig, and then a few days before that it was Danny Jansen.

On the surface, it just doesn’t make any sense that shaving off some facial hair would have any sort of direct impact on a baseball game. But at the same time, it makes all of the sense. Just need to change the juju a little bit. Is juju a real thing? Probably not. But in the world of sports, juju reigns supreme. So if shaving off your mustache is going to bring you a little more good juju in the batters box? Well there’s nothing you can say that is going to convince me otherwise. Go grab yourself a Gillette, take that bad boy off your top lip and go yard.