Someone Create These "Moreo" Cookies Now

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FoodBeast – There are moments in history when someone is daring enough to shoot for the muthf*ckin stars. This is one of them. Cue in Reddit user EternallyXIII. This guy had the cojones do to finally do what generations of Oreo fans have thought. The earth-shattering idea: place Oreo cookies and creme in separate trays, allowing people to “customize” each dip. The concept came pitched with a mock-up “Moreo” packaging, driving home the idea that the current creme-to-cookie ratio just isn’t cutting it. Apparently, EternallyXIII has been trying to make the Moreo a reality for quite some time. ”I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone at Nasbisco for years… Make this happen!” he wrote. Here that, Nabisco? The people have spoken.

Custom Oreos. Why has it taken the world this long to come up with this idea? Oreos are literally a hundred years old. Double Stuf has been around for almost 40. We haven’t modified the Oreo to be bigger and better in almost 4 decades?? Fuck that. More, more, we want more. Like, you really like it, you want more. Thats life in a nutshell. Thats Oreos in a nutshell.

Give me these Moreo Dunkaroos and let me control my own Oreo destiny. Its like Choose Your Own Adventure with cookie stuffing. You want triple stuf? Quadruple? Quintuple? The world is yours. I’d end up running out of cream filling with about half the cookie shells still remaining, but guess what? Thats my fucking choice. I want it that way. This is America in the year 2013. I should be riding around on a Hover Board building my own Oreo cookie sandwiches. One of these things can become a reality. Someone start one of those online fundraisers or get Nabisco on the line. Moreo’s is the future?

PS – How did that Reddit guy make this prototype? He just separate all those cookies and clean them up and smush all the cream into that one row? Incredible dedication.