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Remember When The Twins Traded Aaron Hicks To The Yankees For John Ryan Murphy?

Three and a half years ago, Brian Cashman made one of the best deals in his time as GM of the Yankees. He shipped off a backup catcher, John Ryan Murphy, who had compiled just 4 homers and 24 RBI in three seasons with NY, to the Twins for a former first round pick in Aaron Hicks. In Hicks’ three seasons with Minnesota he had struggled to do much of anything. He had shown flashes of being awesome, but never put it all together. They gave up on him and Cashman saw his chance. The Cash God loves his projects. He loves striking gold in these kind of deals. It gets him off.

Flash forward three and a half years and Hicks is the future CF of the New York Yankees. He just signed a seven year extension to be with this team for the long haul. He brings all five tools to the field every single day along with an unbelievable amount of swag (watch him pimp a walk). On Tuesday night, against his former team, he turned into a superhero.

Legendary stuff. People dream their whole lives just for one of those moments to have the chance of happening. He had two in consecutive innings.

Looking back at that original trade tweet in 2015 is great for one reason and one reason only: the responses. It’s inexplainable how there was this much love for JRM. I mean it’s crazy.

One person had a brain it seems.

Thank God for Aaron Hicks. A diamond in the rough. One of Cashman’s greatest trades ever. John Ryan Murphy died for our sins. Long live the Cash God.