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This Monstrous German Baby Born Vaginally Brings Up An Interesting Question...


Smitty already posted about this pussy-demolishing baby that’s making the internet rounds. Even for a German woman who probably takes uppercuts to the asshole as foreplay, 13 pounds & 22 inches is an insane amount of stress on a vag. Gape city. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s post-birth video of mom’s snizz open wider than a manhole floating around on some .de smut site. Brings up a solid rest-of-your-life “Would You Rather” though. Would you rather a fat chick with a tight clam, or a certified smoke who’s had a bomb go off between her legs?

Let’s set the fatness at something semi-reasonable. 180 pounds vs a fuck hole you have no hope of filling. I’m talking completely unfuckable. Now, if you’re Pres, this is a slam-dunk – blow jobs for life. But, contrary to popular belief, my dick & I are pussy fans. Oral & the occasional spin in the mud are good times, but pussy trumps all. Think about this blog next time you’re balls-deep. Consciously deciding to give that up for as long as I live is a decision I don’t think I could make. Plus, if I’m stuck with a moose for life, whatever sexual effort I had is out the window. I’m basically masturbating with a 180-lb. fleshlight fresh out of the microwave instead of trying to impress in vain. Beats having to run a half-marathon to plug a smoke in the butt. Call me crazy, but I think a lot of people who’d jump at the 10 would regret it in a year or two.

Vote 1 if pussy prevails, give me the slampig or 10 if you can work with everything else & want the smoke.

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