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The Legendary Jalen Ramsey Reported To Training Camp In A Literal Brinks Truck

Year 4 of Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey’s career starts today. He’s either gonna get paid this offseason or next but whenever it comes, it’s going to be huge. It better be from Jacksonville, too. They better not cheap out or try to be cute with getting a contract done.

I cant think of a player who has ever played for the Jaguars that moves the needle like Jalen does. There was Fred Taylor and Jimmy Smith but they weren’t national stars like Jalen. Jalen is a guy that moves the needle for national media and he’s probably the first Jaguars player who does that. Like most of you reading only clicked because I called him a legend and you wanna comment that he sucks or the Jaguars sucks but either way, you can’t let it go because it’s Jalen. I write that title about any other Jaguar and you dont care. It’s the Jaguars. But, it was about Jalen and he might just piss you off a little bit because he’s brash, cocky, and backs it up with his play on the field. Can’t let him go. Take the Brinks truck that he reported to camp in, fill it up with cash, and give it back to him with a 5-year deal worth 100 million. Maybe that’ll be enough for the best corner in football.