Another Day, Another IG Model Has A Mental Breakdown Over "Likes" Being Taken Away


A young influencer complained about her increased workload since Instagram removed the ‘like count’ during an extraordinary live radio interview on Wednesday.

The anonymous social media star told The Kyle and Jackie O Show that she has seen a significant drop in her engagement levels since Instagram introduced the change last week.

‘I used to work [on my Instagram] six hours a day, but now I’m working eight hours a day because the “likes” are going down!’ she explained.

‘I do [social media] as a full time job, and I have a full time job at the same time.’

‘You travel around taking photos with your bestie, and make money off that?’ he asked.

‘Yes, I even [make money] off the airlines too. That’s how you get sponsored and get free flights too,’ the woman responded.

When asked how much she earns, the influencer replied: ‘Every [one] thousand likes we get, we probably get around $1,000.’

She added that the money is also ‘dependent on the company that is sponsoring us’, meaning that prices may vary.

‘It all depends on the brand and how popular they are, and how many likes and followers we get,’ she explained.

Kyle and his co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson then referenced Melbourne influencer Mikaela Testa, who went viral last week after sharing a tearful video about the removal of the ‘like counter’.

 This was an “anonymous” interview apparently, but let’s pretend this Instagram “influencer” is Ausstralian Mikaela Testa.  Earlier this week, Mikaela Testa had a mental breakdown that IG is slowly taking away the ability to “like” posts:

Many of you are thinking to yourselves, “this chick is a complete and total fucking lunatic.  Get a real job like the rest of us you fucking psycho,” and typically I’d agree with you.  She doesn’t need Xanax or therapy or any of that shit.  What she needs is a taste of the real world.  I mean take me for instance.  Today I woke up at like 630am, rolled over in my bed, fired up my laptop and went to Daily Mail to see if there were any good stories to cherry pick for the blog today.  I ended up clicking on a thumbnail of our girl Mikaela here because she had an enormous rack:


You wanna see pain and anguish Mikaela?  Try blogging for me.  You couldn’t work under these kinds of conditions.  Not at all.  It truly is torture, too.  But then I read this part:

When asked how much she earns, the influencer replied: ‘Every [one] thousand likes we get, we probably get around $1,000.’

Ummmmmm what??????

that is BANANAS.  So I get why she’s losing her mind.  That’s so absurd I want to spike my cell phone.

Now I unfairly assume she’s probably not the brightest crayon in the box and that she’s just really bad with numbers.  Maybe she meant 10,000 likes.  Maybe 100K.  No idea.  That’s the only rationale I can come up with.  Either that or she was mistaking $1000/1000 likes on Instagram for this:

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 9.26.07 AM

I wrote a blog earlier this week on how Ed Sheeran paid $5MM to buy his neighbors houses because they wouldn’t shut up about him making too much noise.  Talked about how I hate his guts because he has “fuck you” money and I don’t.  Well Ed Sheeran apparently doesn’t hold a candle to social media influencers.  They have to be SWIMMING in money assuming this $1000/1000 likes nonsense is true.  And I hate all of them equally.  Why can’t I be a hot looking chick with a perfect body?  If I’d whore myself out more than any social media influencer on the planet.

Life just aint fair.  Not at all.