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Lets Figure Out This Whole Gambling Thing

When there are no day games on this is the only thing keeping me sane. Last night I did a thing where i only bet on the Red Sox heavy and won. It really feels great being up this much and really going heavy on something you like. We are going to do that today with a little extra on another game. When I won my one game yesterday I was real bored and I just have to keep gambling.


Yankees -120 vs Twins

The Yankees let up 9 million home runs last night and even had a triple play turned against them. You simply cannot win a game when you have a triple play turned, pretty sure it is a proven fact. The Yankees love to score runs for our guy German and they are just a better team. The Yankees didn’t give a fuck yesterday and they are going to pounce on this Twins team.

Pick Yankees -120 

Extra –

Sparks -1.5  

#ridewithmush the Yellow gumball will bring us to the promise land.