Turns Out That Swimming Has The Most Drama In Sports Right Now As Swimmers Are Refusing To Share The Medal Podium With "Drug Cheat" Sun Yang

The world championships for swimming are currently going on in South Korea. There’s a good chance that you had no idea they were going on because there’s a good chance that you only watch swimming once every 4 years during the Olympics. And most of the time, you’re probably just watching when Michael Phelps for Ryan Lochte or any of those guys are in the pool. But I’ll tell you what–this right here? This is exactly what the doctor ordered. Swimming needs some drama. Swimming needs a villain. And it looks like they’ve found all of that right now with China’s Sun Yang because every other swimmer fucking hates this dude’s guts. So much so that they’re refusing to share the podium with him during the medal ceremonies. First up there was Mac Horton from Australia. Then up next was Duncan Scott from Great Britain, and that’s where things got extra spicy.

If you’re wondering why these swimmers aren’t getting up on the podium with Sun Yang, it’s because he was first suspended for 3 months in 2014 for taking a banned heart medication. It was only a 3 month suspension because the World Anti-Doping Agency didn’t think that he intentionally took the medication as an advantage. Which got a little more difficult to believe when a report came out in 2018 that Sun Yang and his team smashed vials of his blood samples with a hammer.

That was back in September. FINA is the FIFA/FIBA governing body of international swimming and since that report, they said that Sun Yang didn’t do anything wrong which is why he’s currently competing at the World Championships. But the World Anti-Doping Agency was like “woah woah woah there buddy. Hold the fuck up just a minute here. This shit is way too shady to just move on from right away. We want to take this to court because we don’t trust this bastard as far as we can throw him”.  That court hearing is going to be in September and there’s a chance that it could end this dude’s career forever.

So here we have a guy who is smashing blood samples with hammers. There’s a chance that his career could be ended forever depending on the findings in this court hearing in September. All the while, he’s out here kicking everybody’s ass at the World Championships. Drama just doesn’t get any spicier than that, folks. And the only way this situation gets any juicier? Well we need Sun Yang to be cleared and we need him to be able to compete at the Olympics next summer. If he’s just done forever in September then this blog is pretty much a gigantic waste. If some shady shit goes down in this court hearing though and he’s just kicking the shit out of everybody at the Olympics?