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How Can Someone Trust Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang After He Blasted The Knicks For Poor Sportsmanship?

You know I was about to be all in on Andrew Yang. He’s got the YangGang. He’s on TV with Jermaine Dupri. He gave the best interview I can remember

But now? He’s out here blasting the Knicks for poor sportsmanship? Come on, man. You’re in politics! Sportsmanship doesn’t matter. I’ve been screaming for years that sportsmanship is fake. I hate the whole forced handshake line. I hate the whole you need to be respectful of your opponent.

I hate this even more when we’re talking about Summer League at the professional level. He tried to reel me back in with making fun of James Dolan. That’s the easiest way to sway me to vote. I don’t even think the Knicks mismanaged what they did this offseason. They missed terribly but then they didn’t go overpaying guys with long contracts. They kept flexibility. That’s important, Andrew. And yes I will be basing my vote on how people talk about my teams.

I think we know who will vote for Andrew though. The worst commercial (not involving animals/Sarah McLachlan)