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University of Kentucky Students And RA's Are Freaking Out Online And Signing Petitions After Overbooking FIVE HUNDRED Dorm Rooms

[Source] – After investing millions of dollars into revitalizing campus with a new student center, science building and state of the art dormitories, UK is running out of room to house students. There are more than 5,240 freshmen currently enrolled for fall semester classes and a record 2,425 students returning to on-campus housing, leaving UK housing with at least 500 overbooked room assignments.

Imagine getting ready for your freshman year only to find out you have to share a room with an RA. That’s absolute hell. I say this as someone who went to Kentucky knowing absolutely no one. I would do the random dorm pairing every day of the week rather than ending up with an RA. Now we’ve seen this type of story before

Now it doesn’t seem as bad as Purdue. There’s zero chance I’d live in this barrack-like room. But overbooking by at least 500 rooms is so outrageous. I don’t get how this happens. It’s the same thing with overbooking a flight. You know exactly how many seats/beds there are. Once you hit that number you stop.

I don’t blame so many people for wanting to go to Kentucky though. You get 10-win football seasons. You get the gold standard of college hoops. You get a solid baseball team. You get Two Keys and Tin Roof. You get Keeneland. It’s really the perfect school and the more I think about it the less surprised I am that so many people are trying to go here.

How about these RA’s though? I get that you want your own room, but you’re a fucking RA. The only cool RA is Rear Ads. No one cares about you, RA nerds. That’s why I can’t stop laughing at this petition and Instagram page:

I don’t want to hear these people complain. The dorms now are absolutely awesome? If this was the old Kirwin/Blanding complex (shout out B1) or Haggin Hall then go ahead and complain. Those dorms sucked. The dorms now are all new and more like hotels.