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Winnie Cooper - 20 Years Later And Still Wrecking Dicks

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Daily MailDanica McKellar, 38, got a sultry makeover for Avril Lavigne’s upcoming Rock N Roll video and showed off her incredible abs.  It was a radical departure from the Danica we knew and loved on The Wonder Years in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Dumps like a truck…truck, truck! That ass coulda won the horse awards. Cheeks are straight plumpy. Abs are lookin tight. Dark fuck me eyes. Winnie Cooper still making blood flow to my penis 20 years later. Literally 20 years. Wonder Years ended in ’93. This picture right here is like Hakeem Olajuwan coming out at this year’s draft to cap off David Stern’s career. Thats how Stern’s draft career started, and thats how it was capped off. Well its the same thing for my boner career. Winnie Cooper was one of my first boners and now 20 years later here she is, still making my pants shrink. Quite a career for her.