"A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed" - William Caxton's Four Sonnes of Aymon, 1489 - Julia Rose's IG, 2019

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In 1489, William Caxton wrote “It is sayd, that at the nede the frende is knowen.” What it means is that when a friend who helps you when you are in troubled times is a true friend indeed. And truer words have never been spoken. Real friends are there for you not when things are going well, but in times of muddled waters. A true friend is on your boat with you in choppy waters so you can enjoy the fair seas. A real friend will do anything for you when the chips are down. Julia Rose is that friend.

Beautiful. Find you a friend like Julia Rose who will lend a helping hand or two in times of trouble. Who will lift you up no matter what. She is simply just the best friend a person can ask for, and that’s an admiral quality

And here’s the thing about friendship, it’s contagious. You lend a hand, and then a pal lends theirs. It’s beautiful.


One day me and Smitty will get there. One day.