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Oh Snap.....Baker Mayfield Announces He Will Be Bringing Back His College Lettuce This Season

So you don't need me to tell you that the whole world has been on the edge of their seat waiting to see what type of look Baker was going to break out for this upcoming historic season. The Browns have four prime time games scheduled in 2019….and then let's see….Bye, Divisional Round, AFC Championship, Super Bowl. Yep, looks like he's going to have the entire nation's eyes upon him at least seven times in the coming months, so you know he needs to look good. People around town have been speculating that his look would revolve around his iconic beard, but it appears that he has made his decision…..
WOW! The rest of the league better take notice. If we're getting college Baker's hair back, does that mean we're going to get college Baker back?? 43 touchdowns and 6 interceptions would be great….but I'm not sure I'd want to settle for a measly 12-2 record. I think we could do better. But anyways, it's not just about the stats. The return of the lettuce means he's getting his swagger back. I'm tired of the mild-mannered, humble, head down and work hard attitude he had as a rookie. I need this guy on my sideline:
If you thought he was cocky putting up video game like numbers in the Big 12, wait until you see him going against these new and unimproved AFC North defenses. God my God is it great to be a Cleveland Brown.