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"I Want One. The Whole Team Is Going To Wear It" - The Yankees Are Pumped To Rock The Barstool 'Savages' Shirt

NY Post

By late Friday afternoon, Boone’s “savages” were like countless fans, eager to sport the already-beloved nickname after Luke Voit arranged for the delivery of dozens of shirts to Yankee Stadium.

“We’re gonna rock it for a while,” the first baseman said.

When Thursday’s doubleheader ended, Voit returned to the clubhouse to see a text message from someone he knows at Barstool Sports, informing him that shirts featuring the new nickname had already been printed.

“Bring ’em in,” Voit said.

Austin Romine smiled when he heard the “savage” shirts were en route.

“I want one,” Romine said. “The whole team is gonna wear it.”

Yeah, I’m not going to lie, I thought I was dreaming when I read that NY Post article. I had to triple check that it wasn’t from a fake account. Nope, it’s real. The New York Yankees cannot wait to rock our ‘Fucking Savages’ shirt and really lean into the new rallying cry for this team: Savages. I mean what a world we live in. Now I understand there’s no pics of them in the shirts so I’m not going to crown myself or anyone yet, but we’re at the finish line.

Now did I almost have a heat stroke sprinting through Manhattan on Friday afternoon while carrying a giant bag of shirts? Did I look like I had just ran a marathon as I rode the 4 train up to The Bronx? Sure did. That’s the t-shirt game folks. Anything for the team. Barstool and the Yankees.

The Yankees rolled the Rockies last night and continued their torrid pace. The red-hot Parrot Man, Edwin Encarnacion, ripped a go ahead grand slam in the 3rd.

Mike Tauchman got in a little revenge game against Colorado. He had himself a three hit night while also making a sliding catch, and gunning a guy out at the plate. You come on The Short Porch and those types of things tend to happen. Ottavino faced his old team as well and struck out the side in disgusting fashion.

LeMahieu drove in his 66th run of the year, which ties a career high. Judge gunned Arenado out at second and later blasted his 11th homer of the season. It was a fun night for the Savages.

The Sox and Rays lost on Friday night to the O’s and White Sox respectively. What a shame. The Yankees are now 11 up in the loss column on Tampa and 12 on Boston. This is a rout. We’re routing the AL East. The Savages of baseball are on a war path. Buy a shirt, join the movement, and let’s keep this freight train rolling. Full speed ahead.