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Mike Tyson Says He Couldn't Even Beat Glass Joe In "Punch Out!"

Let me ask you a question – is there a more pathetic person in the history of video games than Glass Joe? I don’t think its even a debate. I don’t think any video game enemy is even in the same stratosphere as Glass Joe when it comes to pathetic bad guys. If what Mike Tyson is saying is true, which is a toss up, he’s the only person in the history of Nintendo to ever lose to Glass Joe. I’m trying to think of other video game characters that could compare but nobody is in the same class. Maybe Flash Man from Mega Man II. He was automatically my first choice any time I started a new game. Maybe that Bomb King guy in Mario 64. You just picked him up and threw him three times and he was sheets.

But nobody compares to Glass Joe. He passes the Chick Test. If you handed the controller to a chick, could she get the job done? And the answer is yes, a chick could beat Glass Joe. Anybody who could press A and B over and over could win that first matchup.

So I suppose today we learned the only thing in the world of video games more pathetic than Glass Joe is Mike Tyson playing his own game. Downright amazing.

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