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I'm Interrupting My Vacation To Tell You That I Will Not Be Interrupting My Vacation To Announce RNR Tonight But I Will Be Watching It

So Rough N Rowdy is tonight and I can’t fucking wait. No I didn’t make the trip to Fayetteville for it. Sorry it was a 2 day trip from Nantucket and I work too hard to take a 2 day trip during my month off when I already went to Philly earlier this week. But RNR is in the capable hands of Big Cat, Large and Robbie Fox along with the ZBT crew.

However just because I’m not there doesn’t mean I’m not going to be watching it like the rest of you. For the first time ever it’s available ON Demand. Also we have the best Heavyweight Title Fight we’ve ever had. The racist champion and toughest human alive Travis Turman vs. Khaos for all the marbles. I kind of think Khaos is going to get his ass kicked but that’s what makes RNR great. You literally never know what’s gonna happen.

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