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"I Just Want To Go Home"- Tiger After Missing The Cut At The Open Championship

And just like that, major championship season is over for Tiger Woods. After disappointing rounds of 78 and 70, he’s outta there.

And you know what, that’s fine. It sucks he’s not playing the weekend but it’s not the end of the world. The Boss Man didn’t look into the Open Championship AT ALL. More specifically, his body didn’t look into the Open Championship at all. It was evident from the very first tee shot

Not great! He said after yesterday’s round that he didn’t feel comfortable and that continued during today’s round. Then look at those quotes after his round. Those are some depressing ass quotes. He never looked comfortable and the cold Northern Ireland weather made him look 430 years old instead of 43. That’s just how it is now and how it’s going to be given his body and everything its been through over the years. Nothing you can do.

I will say, people and golf pundits gotta pump the brakes on questioning Tiger and his methods. Yes it’s true that he hasn’t played much competitive golf this season but he said at the end of last year that he was exhausted and wasn’t gonna play as much this year. Again, he’s not a young man anymore.

A couple things those people need to remember though

1. He’s Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer of all time

2. He’s currently ranked #5 in the whole entire world

3. This happened a mere 3 months ago


He won it, he didn’t almost win it, he beat everyone in the field and won it. They gave him the green jacket and everything. It was awesome. Really awesome. It was a thing the haters and losers said wouldn’t happen, then it did and they all had to eat crow and it was spectacular.

Anyway. Take those three things listed above into account and it’s clear that, as much as those same haters and losers want it to be true, Tiger Woods isn’t done. He’s gonna take a couple weeks off and recharge his body at home. Do it, Tiger. You earned it, you won the Masters.