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Gun To Your Head: Could You Scale Down A 19-Story High Rise To Escape Death?

If we’re honest and we are, I’m a 20/80 yes/no.

I don’t like being on a ladder in the attic much less driving on a bridge so naturally I’m in a fragile state to begin. Mix in rapidly diminishing upper body mass with below average spatial awareness and you could very strongly argue that I’m bad on paper.

But here’s the thing no one wants to talk about and that’s the high you get from life and death situations. That adrenaline/dopamine/orgasamine coursing through your veins has to be amazing. If I could bottle and sell it you wouldn’t be reading this blog. You’d be using my product and conquering the world. People say moms can summon the strength to lift a minivan off a dying baby but that same mom couldn’t Romanian deadlift 135. Then one time I read on the internet about a tribe in Bolivia that expose themselves to extreme danger before going on a hunt because it elevates their skills to such a high level.

Or maybe they licked frogs to get more in touch with their surroundings. I can’t remember which just that those guys liked to get high before going on a hunt and I thought that was pretty chill bro.


I’m a soft no. I probably die transitioning from 16 to 15 after realizing I forgot to delete my internet history.