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I’d Highly Advise Artemi Panarin To Avoid Going Home To Russia After Basically Telling Vladimir Putin To Fuck Right Off

Welp, I guess Spittin’ Chiclets aren’t the only people in the hockey world who are now banned from Russia. New York Rangers Forward and Russian born Artemi Panarin spoke out against the Russian President in an interview on Thursday.

“I think he no longer understands where it’s good, where it’s bad,” Panarin said. – It seems to me that it is already psychologically difficult for him to soberly assess the situation, because there are many people who lead him to decisions. If everyone will tell you 20 years old, what a fine fellow you are and do everything right, do you think you will see your mistakes? ” (Via Sports.Ru)

This comes as a giant fucking surprise being that every NHL star from Russia basically kisses the ground that Putin walks on. I mean, I’m pretty sure Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin have a private line to Putin’s office? Ovechkin has even gone as far as starting the social campaign #putinteam. Posting pictures to social media trying to get the American public to support the Russian president.

He even created the website and in the bio of the website, Ovechking says ““I am Alexander Ovechkin, the hockey player. I created the Putin Team to unite those who are proud of Russia and our President, and who want to make our country stronger. Join us, and be on the team!” (via

This isn’t about Ovi’s love for Putin though, it’s about Panarin’s hate for him. Panarin went on to have some pretty harsh words for the hockey player some have dubbed the greatest ever.

“Our mistake is that we treat him like a superman. But he is the same as we, and in theory serves us. I have no relation to him that he is a superman.” (Via Sports.Ru)

So there you have it. Panarin is cuncled in Russia. If buddy ever steps foot in the country no one should be surprised if he “goes for a swim” and doesn’t come back up. Putin gives zero fucks how many goals you can score. He’s the countries greatest goal scorer, he scores like 10 goals a game. Artemi Panarin is nothing to him and with a single snap of the fingers he’ll disappear forever if he steps foot back his homeland. You never hear Russians speak out against Putin, so the fact someone as big as Panarin did it is completely bananalands.