Blake Griffin Hilariously Explains To Jimmy Fallon How Stupid Postgame Interviews Are

And that folks, is why he’s the Blake of the Year. BG might be the funniest professional athlete out there. Everything he said here is completely true. Yeah go exercise for two hours non-stop and then we’re going to ask you three complex questions about what you just did while we’re live on national television. That’s the life of a pro athlete. Now I mean they get paid a cock ton do this shit so no one is feeling guilty, but the whole concept of on-court postgame interview is a joke. “You just hit a game winning half court shot! How do you feel?” Great stuff.

LeBron must have been so mad when Blake said no to Space Jam 2. Adding Blake to that would have put it over the top, but Blake is too good to be in that disaster. He watches LeBron do “Taco Tuesday” and laughs at him not with him. He gets it. He’s just one of us, but also really rich, tall, and good at basketball.

I’ll always remember my first and only encounter with Blake in real life. I was walking out of the old office to get lunch. I was deciding between going left or right. As I looked right I saw Blake on the corner, towering awkwardly over everyone else, in front of the Matcha shop. He was by himself and completely lost just like every normal person who came to the office on their first day. I thought about helping him out, but I’m socially awkward and went left to my normal sandwich spot. I could’ve been that guy that helped Blake Griffin, but I opted not to. It’s a top 5 regret in my life. I’m sorry Blake.

By the way Blake used this bit above in his stand up show which was also fantastic.