Jaylen Brown Sniffed Out Kyrie's Bullshit From The Jump And Is Owed An Apology

I have to say, now that we’re starting to get more and more nuggets about Kyrie’s decision to bounce to Brooklyn, I can’t get enough. Yesterday we heard Danny Ainge talk about how he knew in March that Kyrie was leaving, but now it seems like his mind was made up well before then. This isn’t coming from a typical Boston hit piece once a player leaves either which was surprising. Instead, it came from the person who actually talked to Kyrie about it in Spencer Dinwiddie. You know, the main recruiter for Kyrie to come to the Nets. Now that we have no details about how this all went down it makes everything more hilarious. That now infamous Kyrie #11 commercial

debuted around November 22nd. So basically two weeks later he was already talking to Dinwiddie about how fun New York could be? Jesus, what a dickhead. Remember, nobody forced him to make that commercial, nobody forced him to read that script, but now we know the whole thing was all bullshit. Even if it was filmed months prior, the timing is still pretty funny.

But there’s another aspect to this whole Kyrie situation that we’re not really talking about, and that’s Jaylen Brown. There’s no denying he was horrific the first month of the season in terms of his on court production, but maybe there was more to it than we knew. This was when the young kids vs the vets hatred was at an all time high, Kyrie was talking about how they needed a 14 year vet (November 12th) and the team ended November just 12-10. Then you have Kyrie talking with Dinwiddie in December. Despite a brief winning streak to start that month, this was when they had that brutal loss to PHX at home and then got destroyed by the Bucks at home as well. Things didn’t get much better once we got to January. We all remember what happened in Orlando which lead to these interesting postgame comments from both Kyrie and this little nugget from Jaylen on January 13th

It’s now pretty clear that Jaylen knew what a fraud Kyrie was when it came to leadership. People were killing Jaylen at the time for being a locker room problem and not accepting his role, but knowing what we know how I feel like he acted like any normal person would. He wasn’t going to sit there and listen to Kyrie’s fake intellectual bullshit leadership when he most likely knew that Kyrie was planning to leave. He knew the deal and he was calling him out for it. Think of that dynamic, you have Kyrie in one corner doing nothing but throwing the young kids under the bus because of the team’s slow start. Then in the other corner you have those young players being forced to take flack from a guy who they know isn’t even committed to the team and the year wasn’t even at the halfway point yet.

As we know Jaylen eventually turned his season around, and was one of the few that did not shit his pants against MIL in the playoffs. He more than made up for his brutal start to the season, and given how everything else played out is owed an apology for all the blame that was put on him for their early struggles. All he was doing was trying to tell us what a fraud Kyrie was, and just because he once made an awesome shot in the 2016 Finals I don’t think people wanted to hear it.