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Yanks Closing In On Soriano

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ARLINGTONIn dire need of a bat with thump and an indication the Yankees may believe that Alex Rodriguez isn’t going to play this season, the toothless Bombers are close to acquiring Alfonso Soriano from the Cubs, The Post has learned. According to a person familiar with the talks, the Cubs will pay the bulk of what is left on Soriano’s contract. He makes $18 million this year and the same for next season.

Nothing official yet but apparently this is very close to being done. Isn’t that some circle of life shit right there? Just as ARod may be on his way out, Soriano is coming back in, all in Texas. This is some rare stuff right here people. It is not everyday that you get to replace an overpaid 38 year old with a hip problem with a 37 year old (questionable) with knee problems. That is the rare air that the Yankees get to fly in.

If this goes through it looks like Soriano in LF until Granderson is back and then Hafner may be DFA because he can’t hit his way out of a wet paper bag. As a lifelong Yankee fan I can’t say I am surprised. This is a win first team and I am a win first fan. Missing the playoffs is unacceptable in the Bronx, and Soriano can help this team make a push for the postseason. He instantly becomes the only other power bat alongside Cano.  But you just gotta hope it doesn’t stunt Almonte’s growth.