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A Golfer (And Pro Caddie) Got DQ'd From A US Amateur Tournament For Shooting A 202 To 'Try And Record The Highest Score Possible'

[Source] – “He just started off like normal,” Fortis said. “He was actually not a bad golfer, and he hit some nice shots. He had two pars, and then it started to go a little downhill.”

Bilardello parred each of his first two holes before making triple bogey at the par-4 12th hole. He then carded a 10 on the par-5 13th, his first of 10 double-digit scores on individual holes.

“After the first nine, he said that he wanted to shoot the highest recorded score in USGA history,” Fortis said. “He just did not care. He was really rude to a lot of the officials, too. Something was off.”

I don’t know what’s crazier here. The fact he started par-par and then went on to finish with the 202 or being so pissed off at something/crazy to purposely shoot a 202. That’s not fun. No one actually wants to do this:

“He would chip shots and scoot his ball around on the tee box just to add strokes, and then he would just pipe a 2-iron down the middle of the fairway, hit it on the green and then just scoot his ball around again with his putter,” Fortis said. “He’d be right next to the hole and then I guess he’d think to himself that he didn’t have enough strokes and he’d hit his ball in the opposite direction of the hole.”

Bilardello’s second nine included a 25 on the par-4 second, 21 on the par-4 fourth and a closing par on the par-5 ninth.

It is hilarious to see a 25 and 21 on the card though. Just outrageous numbers. The real thing here though is how pissed off would you be if you were his playing partner.  There’s nothing worse in the world of golf than getting stuck with a slow player. You hit a good shot and then have to wait 10 minutes because someone in your group is dicking around and taking 42 practice swings only to duck hook the ball 28 yards.

The craziest thing to me is this guy is a professional caddie. He was on the bag at the John Deere a week ago. Now this is the second time he’s been DQ’d from a tournament? Something is up. Either way a 202 is ridiculous.

I stand corrected. The craziest thing is they made a scoring change.

News of one of the highest U.S. Amateur qualifying scores we may ever see made the rounds Monday evening on social media, a shocking 18-hole total of 194 that got both low-handicappers and hackers talking.

A day later, the Florida State Golf Association, which ran the July 15-16 qualifier at Mayacoo Lakes Country Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., confirmed to that there was, in fact, a scoring error.

The correct score was actually 131-over 202.

A +131 will always make me laugh. Also make me feel better about my game. I could easily take that on for a US Amateur qualifying tournament.