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Mount Rushmore Is Fantastic In The Summer

Fun fact about me- I’ve been to South Dakota, but I didn’t see Mount Rushmore. It’s true. I flew into Casper, Wyoming and then took a van to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to help build houses for a week. I dry walled, I painted, I cleaned up mold, etc. It was part of the college Alternative Spring Break program, and it was very fulfilling. We as a country should be better to our natives, it’s quite sad to be honest.

But I digress, Mount Rushmore seems like a great place to spend a weekend in the Summer. The weather is fair and the scenery is lovely. You never really remember there’s that entire part of the country when you’re so caught up in the rat race of life. It’s quite beautiful.

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 4.21.08 PM

So maybe I’ll make my way back to South Dakota one day. And maybe Katy Jo will be there. And we’ll fall in love.

Totally gonna happen.