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A Shirtless Zach Johnson Joined Phil Mickelson On 'Phireside With Phil' For A Strange Chat

Well that was weird! Phil Mickelson’s strange existent on Twitter continues to roll along. I said on Fore Play the other day that, you could tell me what Phil Mickelson is losing his mind and we’re watching it unfold every couple days on Twitter, and I’d fully believe you. It’s just weird shit over and over and over again with no end in sight. The argument could also be made that Phil was always this way, and his newfound social media superstardom is simply shining a light on his quirky personality, but a big part of me thinks Phil is losing it more and more with each passing day.

Anyway. Good to see that Zach ‘The Needle’ Johnson could move around his busy superstar schedule and appear on Phireside with Phil. Why was Zach Johnson the first guest to appear on the program, you might be asking? Well Phil knows what attracts eyeballs so he invited The Needle (fresh outta the shower) onto his program to share a story about eating dessert at Augusta National. Zach crushed it, truly riveting stuff from my fellow Cedar Rapidian. Here’s to hoping he’s a frequent guest on Phireside with Phil.