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I Need Tacko Fall On The Boston Celtics More Than I Need Air To Breathe

I remember a few weeks ago during Vegas Summer League a stoolie sent me a picture of when this all went down. I dunno if he was in line or working the ride or what but it was hilarious to see. Now that we have video of it? 10000x better. There are already a plethora of reasons to love Tacko, whether it’s his gigantic height, his ability to run like a gazelle, his way better than we all thought lateral quickness, his dunking without jumping, his Hakeem Dream Shake, the list goes on and on. But we can’t ignore that simply watching him do everyday things is wildly entertaining. We know he makes players look like children on the basketball court, but the same is evidently true when it comes to rides as well

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 8.37.57 AM

What an outrageous picture that is. It legit looks photoshopped but I promise you it is real and it is spectacular. Danny needs to not overthink this and give this man a deal so we can have more of these type of videos. Get Tacko to Canobie Lake Park, Water Country, on duck boats, I don’t care what it is I just know I need way more Tacko in my life. The fact that maybe one day he can give you 10-15 minutes of actual basketball is a bonus as far as I’m concerned. We’re talking about the last roster spot, that dude never plays anyway. Why not see what you could potentially have in a legit basketball monster, while also giving the rest of us on the internet endless content. Tacko was made for Weird Celtics Twitter, it’s a match made in heaven as far as I’m concerned so we all need to do our part and pray it happens.

Plus like I said earlier, if ANY of this somehow translates to the NBA one day, Tacko becomes even more of a Celtics legend than he already is.