LeBron's Family - Which Already Ruined Taco Tuesday - Has Now Ruined Anthony Davis With Taco Tuesday Pt. 2

Goddamnit. GODDAMNIT. I was holding out hope for Anthony Davis. I was holding out hope for Kentucky Anthony Davis. But, it’s too late. LeBron got to him. He’s out here ruining Taco Tuesday with LeBron’s family. Remember, they already pulled this bit once:

Really this just shows that LeBron doesn’t get a bit. He could have left it alone. But, now he tried too hard. The t-shirt. The pt. 2 with AD. The stupid ‘It’s Tuesday, somewhere.’ Everything about it is so goddamn annoying. The only redeeming thing is him being the annoying dad to his kids. Embarrassing your kids is parenting 101.

I need this videos to stop coming out. I love tacos. I love taco Tuesday. I can’t have that associated with this. I really need Anthony Davis to leave after one year. I hope he cites this. ‘Yeah, I’m opting to leave for free agency because of having to fucking listen to LeBron scream Taco Tuesday all the goddamn time.’

Lay off the wine one time.