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Is Baseball Actually Bad For America's Youth? Sure Seems That Way After 6-Year Old Loses It On Umpire After Getting Ejected

For the longest time people have referred to baseball as “America’s Pastime”. But while baseball may be considered America’s pastime, what if the sport is actually ruining America’s future?

Baseball managers are nothing but a bunch of overaged children if you really think about it. I mean for starters, these dudes basically play dress-up every day for work. You look at a hockey coach and he looks professional. He looks put together. He looks like an adult in his suit and tie. Then you look at a baseball manager. It’s usually just some old dude who is still wearing a full baseball uniform just to sit in the dugout, pick his nose a little bit, and then throw a temper tantrum every so often. They’re like a kid on Halloween acting up when they get told they can only take one piece of candy. Are these really the people that we want our future generations looking up to as role models?

People are laughing, sure. But young Coach Drake over here? He’s 6-years-old and all he’s ever seen are a bunch of adults kicking dirt onto other adults and throwing tantrums all because they don’t like a call made in a game. Is that really what America is all about? Is that really the direction we want this one proud and storied nation heading to for future generations? I’m sure that I speak for all of us when I say heck no.

So where do we go from here? How do we get back on the right track? Well I think it’s time that we just move on from baseball for good. I think it’s time for “America’s Pastime” to just become “America’s Past”. Maybe we can just make hockey our national sport from here on out so that America’s youth can learn what it’s like to carry themselves as men and professionals, rather than big overgrown babies wearing a full uniform just to stand in like they’re at a cosplay event.