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Wake Up With Jayson Werth Hitting A Tape Measure Dong Shot In A Over 30 Mens League
If I was an athlete this is exactly what I would do. I believe this is after Werth was a free agent and never signed anywhere else, so it's not like he was leaving a Nationals game and coming straight here to drop BOMBS. Guy just wanted to stay in shape and see some pitches. This is vintage Werth too, an absolute tower shot to left field. He watched it for a little bit, then gets to stepping. Imagine being that pitcher too. He probably sat in a cubicle at some insurance company all day listening to Spotify, drove his Corolla to the park and then found out Jayson fucking Werth was in the opposing lineup. Why not lay one down the pipe to him just to say he took you yard. One comment about Werth is I've always hated how he spells his name. No one spells their name "Jayson".