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Suggesting The Bruins Should Trade Patrice Bergeron Is The Worst Take In The History Of Sports

Is this the worst take in the history of sports? Jermaine Wiggins went on WEEI’s The Skate Podcast and said he thinks the way the Bruins get better this offseason is by trading their best player, Patrice Bergeron.

“You know, Bergeron’s a great player, but when it comes to having a sniper, a guy that can put the puck in the back of the net, he’s not that guy. And I threw the idea out there, you know what you could probably get for him?”

“So I asked (Dale) the question: What about putting Bergeron on the trading block?”

“You would be able to get something back for him and something tremendous for his value.” Via (

I mean….come on. Big Wiggy guy and all, anyone who wins a Super Bowl for the Pats is a legend in my book but what the hell is he talking about? Patrice Bergeron was an MVP candidate if he didn’t get hurt this season. His job isn’t to be a sniper. His job is to be one of the best two way centers in the game and he does just that.

The guy averages over a point per game too. In only 65 games last season, Bergeron had 79 points (32g, 47a). Bergeron is the absolute FARTHEST thing from the Bruins problem. The Boston Bruins should be worrying about two things right now and that’s signing Charlie McAvoy and signing Brandon Carlo. The future on defense is unsigned right now and we have people worrying about trading Patrice Bergeron? Typical Boston sports media.

Did we also forget Bergeron is playing on one of the best contracts in all of hockey? Bergeron is getting paid under $7m for the next three seasons. The only contract better than his in the NHL is Nathan MacKinnon. You’re getting an elite, top-tier center for under $7m and we want to trade him?

The Bruins were one game away from winning the Stanley Cup and people are actually suggesting they trade their best player…..what a time to be alive.